Trek Marlin 7 Review


If you need a mountain bike that is affordable and at the same time provides all the comforts and benefits of a top mountain bike then in my opinion you should get the Trek Marlin 7 mountain bike.

Apart from the fact that it has quite a strong frame, another benefit of this mountain bike is that you can upgrade it quite easily. The control of the bike is quite good which makes it the perfect mountain bike for new riders.

Below in this article I have covered details about the Trek Marlin 7 mountain bike that you should know before buying it.



The Trek Marlin 7 suspension is Suntour XCT fork and a good thing about it is that it does not come with any lockout trap. This fork comes with a 100mm travel which is quite low as compared to some of the other mountain bikes. The suspension of this bike is really sensitive which in turn enhances the grip and comfort this mountain bike provides.

Yes there were a few problems when the bike was made to jump from high places or when the terrain got a little too rocky but as compared to the forks on some of the less expensive hardtails the suspension of the Trek Marlin 7 performed quite well.





The Trek Marlin 7 mountain bike aims to give you better control over the bike and for that the manufacturers have made the handlebar slightly wider. The slightly disappointing thing here was that the grips were a little too thick.

The tyres of this mountain bike are Bontrager XR1 tyres. Although the tyres are not as good as those of a top model, they performed quite well under tough conditions. The front portion of the bike is quite stable.

The hydraulic discs of the bike are Tektro Auriga. Although they are not as good as the Shimano system, the frame, fork, the wheel along with the tyres make up for it.




Performance of the bike

As far as overall performance of the Trek Marlin 7 mountain bike is concerned we really like the bike. It is not only quite quick but at the same time is quite efficient and you won’t have any trouble riding it.

The large wheels of the bike along with the good tyres and fork ensure that you are able to tackle any trail comfortably. The large wheels of the bike make climbing quite simpler.

The only thing that you might not like is the weight of the bike. It is definitely heavier than other bikes that you can get in the similar price range but apart from that we really liked the performance.



Not only does the Trek Marlin 7 mountain bike perform really well, the price of this bike is also quite cheap which makes it a very popular mountain bike.

It is one of the best mountain bikes you can get for a price range of less than $500. So if you want a good cheap mountain bike then definitely check this one out.

Vitus Vitesse Evo Team Road Bike Review


Well we all know the advantages of a road bike and the one road I recommend most people to buy is the Vitus Vitesse Evo Team Road Bike. This is the best road bike Vitus has manufactured and its specs are also quite amazing.

Vitus is a very well-known road bike manufacturing company and has been part of the industry since the 1970s. Below in this article I have covered details about the Vitus Vitesse Evo Team Road Bike that you should know about.

The frame of the bike

The frame design of the Vitus Vitesse Evo Team Road Bike 2015 is quite different to that of the previous years. The frame of this latest road bike is made of a high modulus carbon fibre that has a wider rectangular section. This wide rectangular section provides the road bike with greater solidity and power transfer.

Since it is connected to a BB386 Evo bottom bracket shell, broad inboard bearings can be used which ensures the bottom bracket of the bike gets greater solidity and power transfer. Apart from that broader chainstays can also be used which further improve the solidity and power transfer.

The angle of the seat tube is 73.5 degrees while the angle of the head tube is 73 degrees. The length of the head tube is 14 cm. All these features ensure you get good comfortable ride. Look wise the frame of the bike is quite modern.


London Bike Show 2014: Vitus Vitesse Evo, An Post-Chain Reaction Cycles team bike, toptube (Pic: George Scott/Factory Media)



The front and back derailleurs and shifters of the Vitus Vitesse Evo Team Road Bike 2015 are Shimano Dura-Ace 9000. The chain as well as the cassette of the bike is Ultegra. The groupset of the bike is a Shimano. The chainset of the bike is a FSA SL-K Light with carbon cranks and 52/36 rings.

The chainset of this bike features a 4 arm look while the 5th bolt attaches the outer chainring to the rear carbon crank arm. According to the company this setting makes the bike lighter and provides it with more solidity.





Most of the parts of the Vitus Vitesse Evo Team Road Bike 2015 are FSA SL-K Light. Parts like the handlebars, the brakes are all SL-K Light. According to the company these brakes help fit in the broader rim sections. The brake pad has also been redesigned in order to enhance performance.

As for the seat post it comes with a 27.2mm diameter, a 20mm offset and an alloy head. The saddle of the bike is padded quite nicely and it definitely adds to the comfort of the bike. It is a Prologo Scratch 2.





Wheels of this bike are Fulcrum Racing 3. The weight of the wheels is 1550 grams. The wheels are quite light and perform really well. The internal width of the rim is 15mm and it is thinner as compared to most rims. There are 16 stainless steel spokes in the front and 21 at the back. Tyres of the bike are Continental Grand Sport Race and are 25mm wide.



Sole Fitness SB900 Light Commercial Cycle Review


If you in search of a spin bike that comes with features that can provide you with a gym like workout from the comfort of your home itself then I would suggest you get the Sole Fitness SB900 Bike Light Commercial spin bike.

Not only are its feature quite good the bike is quite solid and provides good comfort. An hour on this spin bike and you can lose about 1000-1200 calories and in a couple of weeks you can reduce your weight by 10 lbs.

Below in this article I have covered all the information you need to know about the Sole Fitness SB900 spin bike.

More about the manufacturer

Sole Fitness is a very popular manufacturer of fitness machines and caters mostly to commercial places like gym, hotels etc. thus its products are quite good and solid. Their products are only good for commercial places but are excellent for home use as well.

Apart from excellent spin bikes they manufacture equipments such as ellipticals, rowing machines, steps, recumbent and upright bikes.


The dimensions of the Sole Fitness SB900 spin bike are 40 x 21 x 42 inches. Keep in mind that this spin bike is slightly heavier than other spin bikes.

The weight of this spin bike is 160lbs while the weight of the flywheel is 48lbs which is a good thing. The user weight it can take is 300lbs. This spin bike comes with an Eddy Current Brake resistance.




Even though the spin bike is slightly heavy, setting up the spin bike is actually quite simple even if you have never used a spin bike before. A good thing here is that most of the spin bike comes fitted, making the task easier for you.

All the parts and the tools that you will need for completing the assembly process will be provided to you with the package itself. Along with that you will also be provided with a detailed manual to help you out in case you face any problem. Assembling this spin bike should take you about 40-45 minutes.




One the best features of the Sole Fitness SB900 spin bike is the heavy flywheel it comes with. The 48 pound flywheel ensures you get a realistic cycling feel while you work out. The weight of the flywheel also ensures that your workouts are smooth.

This spin bike is perfect of obese users because of the high user weight capacity it comes with. Irrespective of how fat you are the strong pedals and frames ensure you can stand up and cycle as well. The pedals come with toe clips which add to the comfort.

It also comes with a 3 x 4 LCD display monitor that functions really well and is also quite clear. This monitor provides you important information about your workouts such as the amount of calories burned, the distance you have covered; time elapsed and also the level of intensity of your workout. The wireless chest strap helps you get heart related info.



The Ultimate Guide to Bikes for Different Terrain


If you want to get the right bike the first thing you need know is the type of terrain you will be riding on. You cannot ride any bike on every terrain and to help you get the right bike below in this article I have covered for you the different types of terrains that you will come across and the bike that best suits those terrains.

Tarmac Road and Paved Places

Road bikes, as the name suggest are specially designed for roads. If you want to get to some place quickly without getting stuck in traffic then a road bike is perfect for you. The only think you need to decide here is whether you want a road bike that offers top speed or more comfort. If you are looking for greater comfort you can also get a hybrid bike. These bikes are not very fast due to more weight but can glide over the potholes.

Canal Lane of footpaths

A good think about these paths are that they are usually flat. The only problem is that they are quite dirty and you will find lots of loose stuff on them but a road bike can easily deal with all of these problems. Apart from road bikes even hybrids as well as cyclo cross bikes can deal with such paths. The benefit of these bikes is that they are quite strong and thus you would not feel the bumps. Their tires have better gripping capabilities.




Walking Trails

Walking trails can range from relatively flat, hard tracks to even rough, muddy skinny trails. The problem with these paths is that they are quite unpredictable and it is important that you have a bike that comes with cleats on the tyres and the bike that has such tyres is a mountain bike. To overcome the big obstacles on such surfaces you need a bike that has slightly bigger tyres and mountain bikes have exactly that thus making them the perfect choice for riding on walking trails.


bike routes feature


Trail Centres

Trail Centres are new kind of trails that have been made by private landowners and government companies. For the simpler trail centres a good hybrid bike would be enough but for the more challenging trail centres you will need a really good mountain bike. The most difficult of the trail centres have huge jumps, massive drops. Apart from that you will also need to ride at a high speed for long periods and thus mountain bikes are the best to handle these types of terrains.


Mountain tracks and downhill trails

Mountain tracks and downhill trails are quite different. Usually people do not use bikes for mountain tracks because their terrain is quite unpredictable. But if you are an expert at cycling there is no problem in riding on such terrains at least once. Just make sure you have the best mountain bike. Even for downhill trails a mountain bike is the best choice.




3 Bike Safety Checks That can Save Your Life!


In order to make sure your bike runs smoothly you do not have to be a full time mechanic. All you need to do is perform a few simple checks before you go on a ride and in case you are wondering what these checks are below in this article I have covered a few of them for you.

Check the condition of your bike

Before you go on a ride it is better to spend some time looking at the bike. It may sound a little too easy but it does not mean that you simply stare at the bike instead what you really have to do is check the condition of your bike. If your bike is not in a good shape you need to get it repaired first. Apart from that also make sure that the chain of the bike is in proper place. The tires of the bike also need to be properly pumped and the seat and handlebars have to be in proper position.



Check the brakes of the bike

One of the most important things of your bike is the brake system and before you go out you need to check it out. To make sure the brakes are working fine take a small ride nearby and apply the front as well as the back brakes strongly. When you do that your bike should immediately stop. If it stops properly you are good to go but if it does not then you need to get it checked first.



Check out the wheels

Apart from the brakes another important part of your road bike that definitely needs to be checked are the wheels. You need to check whether the wheels are well fixed to the frame or not. To check the wheels you just have to rock the bike from one side to another. In case there is any wobbling make sure you first get the wheels fixed properly and only then take it for a spin.



Check the handlebars

As far as handlebars are concerned you need to ensure that not only are they in proper position but also that they are properly attached to the stem and also that the stem is well attached to the front forks. To check the handlebars you just have to rotate the handle in the front and back direction and also from one side to another. In case there is any unwanted movement you need to first tighten the bolts.

Make sure the lights are working

Well if you plan to go for a ride at night it is important that your road bike has lights. In case you have not fixed lights make sure you get that done as soon as possible and in case you do have lights you need to check whether they are working or not. In the front you should have white lights and at the back you should have a red light.

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5 Quick tips on Nutrition and Planning to Improve your Cycling


Road bikes are as good as any gym equipment you can find when it comes to weight loss. A few weeks of on a road bike can help you lose a significant amount of weight and also improve your overall health and also keep various diseases and health problems away. Below in this article I have covered a few tips that will help you efficiently lose weight through cycling.


You must eat your breakfast

A good healthy breakfast early in the morning before you go about riding you bike provides your metabolism the start it needs. If you leave out breakfast from your diet then your body will not have the strength it needs during the ride. Apart from that since your metabolism won’t function properly your body will start storing fats rather than actually burning them. When you stay hungry your body begins to store fat so that it can use it later which I am sure is not something you want.

Do not wear too many clothes

Very often people wear extra clothing so that they sweat more which is not the right way to lose weight. It may help you lose extra weight but that is only because of dehydration which is not a way in which you should lose weight. If the temperature is not very low do not wear jackets and leg warmers and make sure you carry enough water to keep yourself hydrated. If you stay hydrated you will be able to cycle longer and in turn burn more calories.

Avoid over consumption of gluten

More often or not people end up consuming too much gluten which is something you should avoid. When you limit the amount of gluten you consume you in turn reduce the amount of processed food you in take. The problem with eating too much gluten or processed food is that you may end up feeling slightly bloated when you ride your bike In case you do face this problem then you should eat gluten free energy bars or instead eat food items such as bananas, oranges or potatoes.


Consume more vegetables and proteins

Consuming food items like vegetables and proteins such as chicken and fish is something I would recommend every cyclist. Instead of eating supplements you should try and get the important minerals, carbs and proteins from your food itself. With food the absorption of the minerals and proteins is much faster and your body feels better.

food pyramid turn into pie chart against white background


Avoid taking dietary supplements

There are loads of dietary supplements that claim they can help you lose a large of amount of weight in a short space of time. In my opinion you should avoid taking these supplements because they are quick fixes that cause problems in the long run. The problem with eating these dietary supplements is that they not only remove the fats from your body but also end up removing important minerals with the unwanted stuff due to which you might lose strength and stamina.

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The Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Bikes


Many of you may not know this but there are various types of bike available in the market and each of them have been designed for a specific reason and track and before you buy a bike it is important that you know about each bike. Below in this article I have covered details about the types of bikes you can purchase.

Urban Bikes

If you want a bike to travel in the city or to run errands then you should consider buying an urban bike. These bikes come with a long wheelbase. The tires used in these bikes are also relatively flat and thus provide better cushioning, and clearance making riding on the busy roads easy for you. To improve visibility the handlebars are also flatter enabling you to sit upright while riding. The benefit of sitting upright is that is makes riding a cycle for 2-3 hours more comfortable especially if you are new.

urban bikes


Touring or All around bikes

Well if you have plans to go on a long trip travelling different types of terrains then you should consider getting touring or all around bikes. One of the biggest advantages of these bikes is that they can face any type of weather.

They are quite similar to urban bikes in the way that these bikes also come with a long wheelbase and flat tires to make riding simpler and provide better clearance and balance. These bikes come with dropped handlebars. These handlebars provide better hand placements.



Sport and performance road bikes

The road bike frame generally comes with small rear triangles and steep head angles which enhances acceleration and also makes steering the bike quite fast. These bikes like all round bikes come with dropped handlebars.

Dropped handlebars allow you to switch your body and hand positions according to the need of the road you are riding on. It also helps lower wind resistance. These bikes come with high pressure tires that provide better resistance. Also changing gear is much easier on these bikes.




Hybrid Bikes

If you are looking for a bike that can serve all purposes like touring, city travelling and other terrains then a hybrid bike is the best bike for you. The advantage of hybrid bikes is that their frame comes with better clearance for dirt and fenders. Apart from that they also have more gears as compared to a normal road bike but less when compared to a touring bike. These bikes are quite comfortable and come with dropped handlebars providing better hand placements for you.


hybrid bikes

Mountain Bikes

If you are looking for a cheap off road bike that you can use on different challenging terrains such as hills etc. then you should get a mountain bike under 1000. These bikes come with long wheelbase that are especially designed to handle crashes. The telescopic forks of the bike make steering the bike quite easy. The handlebars of these bikes are also quite low enabling you to sit upright which in turn provides better visibility.



5 Rules to a Perfect Riding Experience


Irrespective of what your age is there is one thing you will never get bored doing and that is cycling. As you may have heard many times before it is still one of the best ways to travel. Below in this article I have covered tips that will help you become a better cyclist.


A helmet is a must

A part of your cycling gear that you just cannot ignore is the helmet. In case you did not know,  surveys have shown that around 6000 cyclists need medical help due to head injuries every year and is one of the main causes for fatalities among cyclists in the US itself. A good quality helmet can help you avoid 90% of head injuries. When you look for a helmet make sure it is bright in color and also that it fits you properly. A helmet should be neither too tight nor too loose.



Find a bike that fits your frame

In case you do not know how to check whether the bike you like fits your frame or not note that all you have to do is climb onto it and stand flat footed. In case you are buying a road bike 1-2 inches of gap between your groin and the top tube is enough but in case of mountain bikes it should not be less than 2 inches. Make sure you visit a good bike dealer in order to get the right bike.


Get the correct seat

When you ride a cycle you need to be comfortable and that can only happen if you have the right seat. Racing bikes usually come with a solid and restricted seat that women may not find very comfortable. In such a case you should consider getting specially made well-padded and wider seats that can be fixed quite easily and will provide you with greater comfort. Make sure the height of the seat is right. The height of the seat should be equal to that of the handlebars so that you do not have to bend down a lot.


Dress right

It is important that you wear the right clothes when you cycle because it will keep you comfortable and help you cycle more. If you do it quite often then you should wear shorts specially made for cyclists. These shorts do not wrinkle easily and reduce the chances of a skin problem. Also make sure you wear the right cycling shoes in case you have clipless pedals.




Start at a steady pace

In case you are cycling in order to get back into shape then it would be a good idea to begin at a steady pace. Beginners should not cycle for more than half an hour on a flat road for at least 2-3 weeks. Once your body gets used to it then you should slowly increase your mileage and intensity or you can even opt for more challenging terrains like hills etc. to get a better workout.

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